Shower Filter Lavender


The sweet floral fragrance of Lavender relaxes the body to alleviate anxiety and stimulate blood circulation. Lavender contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medicinal properties used to treat dandruff, acne and sooth itchy scalps. Lavender can prolong hair color by preventing brassiness in blondes and brunettes.


Blonde Boudoir believes beautiful hair and skin start at home. Blonde Boudoir’s Aroma Glow Shower Filters will turn your everyday shower into a revitalizing and invigorating experience for your hair, body and skin.

Chlorine is one of the most harmful toxins that we are exposed to in our daily lives. High levels of chorine in our water supply lead to fatigue and aggravate respiratory conditions. Aroma Glow Shower Filters help remove these pollutants aiding the body to relax and breathe easier.

Other chemicals such as mercury and lead can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Using the power of Vitamin C and aromatherapy Aroma Glow Shower Filters will remove these dangerous contaminants leading to softer and supple skin.

Aroma Glow Shower Filters improve hair quality. Water free of toxins will reduce hair loss and increase hair density. Hair will be left less frizzy and more manageable. Daily use of filtered water will minimise colour fading and brassiness.
Aroma Glow will soothe a dry itchy scalp preventing dandruff.